Artist Statement

To me, the most important part of being an artist is the ability to give new life to a sometimes singular idea. As a book artist, I can add dimension to a written story. I can wrap a story with illustrations.

I can create and adorn the vessel that encloses an idea.

Every time my book is opened, something new may happen; a fresh experience for the eyes or the hands. From my hands to yours, this special form of touch is my great joy.

My books contain my own writing and drawings. I use designs that I have engineered to convey the best use of space for my specific idea. I combine many materials and commercial papers, as well as my own handmade papers. The text is either hand-lettered or laser printed, depending on what style suits the ideas of the book aptly. I then develop a mockup of the book for placement. From there, each book is hand bound using glue, thread, and a little bit of tender loving care.

Each final piece aesthetically communicates a sentiment to match the content of the story it contains.

The work is alive, and it is a part of me.